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David Hudson
Bike: Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom

"I received my Lazy Rider bag two weeks ago and have been completely thrilled with it. I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1100 custom and did not like any of the add-on backrests that are available. I had seen a couple of your earlier models and rode a Honda Shadow with one installed and loved it. I like the ability to remove it for a rider and the capacity it will hold. I have a complete set of leathers and rain set in it now. That allows me to utilize my saddle bags for other necessities. Once again the workmanship is great and the bag does exactly what you have designed it for."

Mark Mitchell of Illinois
Bike: Polaris Victory V92C

"I wanted to get back to you to let you know I got the Lazy Rider and have managed to try it out despite the lousy weather in northern Illinois. It is without a doubt the most amazing thing I've experienced in quite sometime. I spent the better part of a 45 degree afternoon tooling around on my Victory, and when I got off I had absolutely no ill effects whatsoever. I've had several inquiries and may be sending some business your way. Thanks very much."

Allen Badaway of Ohio
Bike: Harley Davidson Road King

"I am the customer that will be wearing the t-shirt and jeans. I will find you. Thanks for the bag, you really deserve to be successful. A lot of thought and energy went into the design of your bag. My back thanks you. I will be at the Motel 6 airport in Milwaukee. I am very much a morning person and plan to be up and on the road bright and early every day. Look for a blue 1998 road king classic with your bag up against my back. I don't much like crowds but will be checking out some of the HOG events. Mostly will be looking for some country roads to snake across. My wife is flying in on Friday for the birthday party. The 468 mile ride home on Sunday just got a whole lot easier thanks to your fine product."

Paul Murden of England
Bike: Sportster

"Sorry to have been so long in responding to your last call, I have got the bag and appreciate what you did with the shipping charge. The Bag is great! I can just lay back and think of England! My reference to "boot stockist" last was just that! No clever Anglo Saxon language. I would like to buy a good pair of leather boots, not too fancy, (you know how conservative we Brits are!) and I am told that Texas is the best place to find boots. Are you planning to go to the Harley wing ding this year? I would love to go and maybe I can fix that Inshallah. Haven't ridden too much over the last 3 months, winter in England is not a good time for biking but my bro (ok he rides a Virago 1100 but he's in the wind!) & I plan a few trips in the Spring. Have you ever done R66? I've got to try that. I hear you can hire a ride and do it. Got to do that before I die. Regards to you and your family. Ride safe."

Adrienne Knight of New York
Bike: Honda Shadow 600

"Received my Lazy Rider today. Love it. So easy to install. Rode around and then adjusted the lumbar roll and that's it. I got the 10", probably could have gotten the 12" but I'm not parting with this. Now I'm going to talk my husband into ordering one. Thanks"

Peppo Woudenberg of De Lier, Netherlands
Bike: Honda Shadow VT1100

"I received my bag about a week ago and I was impressed with both the quality and the finish of your product. Last Tuesday I put it on my VT1100 and I must say: it looks fantastic. Today I had the chance to take a short ride and test it out and I really am very, very enthusiastic about it. Riding 80mph on the freeway is now totally relaxing, because I no longer have to hold the handlebar firmly to prevent myself from being blown off the bike. I am very glad I bought one and once again I would like to thank you for all your trouble and congratulate you with such an outstanding product. When you want to show this letter to other prospective Lazy Rider customers, you can do so. Best regards. Here is a letter Peppo wrote to a New Group on the Net: "I received my Lazy Rider bag about a week ago and I must say that my first impression was that it looked good. Very well constructed and the finish is also very nice. After putting it on my bike last Tuesday, it looked even better. Due to the weather (it has been raining with severe storms for the last two weeks or so) I decided it would be better to leave the bike in the garage and try again later. I also tried the bag on my wife's VT600 but we found it too large for the bike, but on my VT1100 it looks very good. Also the amount of sitting space in the saddle left something to be desired on the VT600. This afternoon though, the weather improved. We still had gale force winds (ok I am exaggerating a bit here, they were "only" force 8), but I decided to go for a spin...The Lazy Rider provides excellent back support..."

Brett Black of Texas
Bike: Suzuki Intruder 800

"I recently bought a 1996 Suzuki Intruder 800 from Kent's in Abilene, Texas. When I saw the Lazy Rider Cycle Bag on the counter, I knew it was what I had been looking for! I am VERY happy with my Lazy Rider Cycle Bag, it is very well made and I'm sure it last a long time! Thanks for a great product . Good luck in the future."

Douglas Jones of Florida
Bike: BMW R80ST

"The bag is everything you said it was, and more. It's incredible! And it fits my BMW perfectly. I adjusted the mounting position of my (Reynolds) backrest slightly, and the Lazy Rider bag provides comfortable support in precisely the right position. No compromises. Don, if it fits my rather small R80ST BMW the way it does, I think it could be mounted successfully on virtually ANY motorcycle, with little effort. You told me you used a tough, heavy-weight material, but the actual product exceeded my strongest expectations. The construction is flawless, and the fit of the side closures is amazing: Exactly the right amount of "snug." You also mentioned that due to the heavy nature of the material, you recently changed from zippers to the twist-locks. The twist-locks are quick, easy, and secure. Good choice. Thanks for a great product. I will be showing it off and recommending it to my riding buddies. Second Letter It's been five months since I installed your Lazy Rider on my BMW, and I couldn't be happier with it. Still looks and works perfectly. Wouldn't ride without it. My favorite accessory. Thought of you today because it was admired by another motorcycle rider who saw it on my bike. He said he liked it, but his back hurt higher up than where the Lazy Rider provided support. I tried to tell him that if he supported his lower back, it would eliminate his pain higher up. Don't think I got through, but told him to check with Fletcher's Harley Davidson if he couldn't remember how I told him to reach you. Hope business is good. Regards."

Donna Ings of B.C., Canada Bike:
Bike Unknown

"I'm in Penticton, B.C., Canada. Bought one of your bags and I love it. I was in a car accident a few years ago, and ever since then I haven't been able to ride very far because my back would start to ache. Got the bag, and now can ride a long time before I need to stop. (Usually for gas or nourishment). I LOVE it. Thanks for the invention!"

Roger LaRue of Washington
Bike: Harley Davidson - FXRS

"The smaller bag, in the words of Goldilocks, 'is just right.' I have an '81 Sturgis. Talk to you later."

Greg Tilden of Colorado
Bike: Harley Davidson - 81 Sturgis

"Just a quick note to let you know I got my bag yesterday. It's better than I'd hoped for. Took it home and tried it out on my 1991 FXRS - CONV. and it's perfect. I've been through half a dozen different duffles and such over the years but never found one that was exactly what I wanted. When I'm taking a trip I need extra luggage besides my factory bags, but none of 'em I've tried hold their shape and are pretty useless as a back rest. You've got a winner with your Lazy Rider bag. I'm ordering one today for my ol' lady's Virago. Now if it'd just quit raining here in Washington State, I could even try my bag out on the road. Thanks again for a great product. Roger LaRue Burlington, Wa."

Al Cody of Texas
Bike: 98 Harley Davidson - Springer Softtail

"Thanks for the update. Too late. I purchased one and added a sissybar. No, you cannot have it back. The Lazy Rider is a back saver. One of our riders has wanted one but it would not fit on his old bike. So he purchased a new DWG, maybe there were some other reasons also. He tried my Lazy Rider Saturday and has decided to get one before Sturgis. On another note, a friend and I purchased leggons at the Waco Hog rally. Understand you had some activity into these. They really work well. I wore them Saturday and another rider wants information about them. Since you are out and about, let me ask you a question. We have a group going to Sturgis this year and we want to put flags on our bikes. We are having questions as to how to mount the flags onto our Harleys. Do you have any suggestions? I think the 100th in Milwaukee will be a blast. May try it."

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