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Motorcycle Tool Bag


Lazy Rider has a new product, the Lazy Rider Tool Bag. The tool bag compliments the larger Lazy Rider Backrest bag. It is designed for use on motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, scooters, and trikes. Like our larger bags, the interior pipe is light weight (about a pound), and it is covered with a synthetic leather fabric that is water proof. It is eleven inches long and has a five inch diameter. This small bag will never lose its shape or sag like most other similar products.




The Tool Bag has access at both ends. The cap closures are secured with snaps and D-rings which when unfastened, allow the entire end cap section to drop down. The double D-rings can be pulled together and secured with a small lock. The Lazy Rider Tool Bag can be attached to numerous sites on a bike: the handle bars, the forks, the sissy bar, the luggage rack, the motor guard. Two 26" straps with double D-rings that work like a helmet closure provide quick and secure installation. We also provide two reusable zip ties as alternative tie downs. The straps can also function for over the shoulder carrying of the bag.

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