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Motorcycle Saddle Bag


Only once in a blue moon, a new product comes along which actually enhances the pleasure and enjoyment of riding a cruiser bike, be it a Harley, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki. The Lazy Rider Cycle Bag does just that.



The purpose of the bag is to relieve back pain by supporting the biker's upper and lower back. In addition to the back support, you will experience more stability while riding. Most riders feel greater control with the use of a good back support. Braking your bike takes on a whole new dimension. With good back support, you brake the bike using your whole body instead of just your lower leg, more like applying the brakes in a car.

The added control and confidence makes taking those sharp curves along the highway much easier. You really have to experience it to understand how great it feels. That's why you receive a 30-day trial period when you buy one of my bags (read my guarantee). You won't be stuck with a product that doesn't work for you. I can only make this offer because my product has proven to be satisfactory to over 98% of my customers.


Bag Material & Construction

The bag comes in two sizes, 12" diameter and 10" in diameter The core of both bags are made of the same material, a nylon re-enforced rubberized plastic pipe. Both bags are 14 inches long (more about bag sizes later). The material has a ribbed surface instead of smooth, and the texture keeps things from sliding out when you open your bag.

The material is extremely strong and durable, designed to withstand more than 1200 lbs of pressure. I often use my bag as a stool while cleaning my bike, eating at a campsite, or even while watching a band at a rally. Place the bag on a towel or other material to avoid scratching the surface.

You won't find as much room inside my bag as in a clothes tote, but my bag was not designed to be a large carrier. It is, primarily, a fantastic backrest that also has the capability of carrying large numbers of those small items we all like to take along and be able to get to whenever we want them.

Cover Material

bag-outside400.jpgThis is a first grade, simulated or nylon based, synthetic, leather-like product. More companies are now using this highly durable material, instead of leather, to make seats and saddle bags. This is a long-lasting product which does not take the constant care of real leather. The material does not dry out, fade, wrinkle or crack after being wet, or with long term outside usage.

End Cap Closure Covers

The end caps of the bag are made of the same synthetic, leather-like material. When the end cap is closed over the bag, approximately 2" of material overlaps. A 4" flap is attached to the top side of the end cap. This flap lies down on top of the bag and attaches to a chrome twisting lock, which secures the flap to the bag body and holds the end cap closed.

Note: The original Lazy Rider Cycle Bag had a zipper that went all the way around the end of the bag and zipped the end cap to the body of the bag. My new method (flap with twist lock) of closure is much easier to use and eliminates the occasional problem of zipper failures. I mention this fact in case you run across one of my older bags with the end zipper. These original zipper bags were discontinued over two years ago, and since the product only carried a one-year warranty, we no longer repair broken zippers. If you have one of the older bags with a broken zipper, an auto upholstery shop may be able to repair it.



bag-lock300.jpgEach end of the bag sports a large pocket. Pockets on the new bags are about 50% larger than on the original design. These two pockets can hold lots of "stuff" you want to take along. It will even hold an open can so your drink can be reached while you are riding down the road. The flap is secured by two strips of Velcro.

Back Pad and Lumbar Roll

The back pad with the attached lumbar roll is made of high-density 1/2" foam covered with a black nylon mesh, which allows the foam to breath and keeps your back from sweating. The lumbar roll is attached to this back pad with snaps so that it can be removed if desired. The lumbar roll also has a zipper on the bag so the high-density foam can be replaced if it should ever lose its firmness. We expect you to get years of service out of the lumbar roll foam, but you won't have to buy a whole new back pad and lumbar roll just to replace the firmness of the foam.

The back pad attaches to the bag body with two long strips of Velcro®. The entire backrest is adjustable up or down, so that it contours to the shape of the seat and the height of the rider. The object is to get the lumbar roll in just the right position to give maximum support to the lower (lumbar) region of the spine.

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