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Leg Leathers

Lazy Rider's Leg Leathers  have a proven design with a tapered fit.  They are made in the U.S.A. using only the highest quality and durable synthetic leather. Many companies are now  using this unique material to make their saddle bags, luggage and motorcycle seats.  I have chosen to use this man made  synthetic leather over real leather for several reasons. First , the product is always available and the uniformity and quality are very dependable.  Second, the material is extremely durable with no maintenance except for a damp cloth. Third, the material does not sun or  weather fade, thus no re-dyeing required. Fourth, the Leg Leathers will not streak or crack due to the various climate conditions a biker faces. Fifth,  when leather gets wet the dye often transfers to your jean legs and can really makes a mess.  The synthetic leather I use is water proof and the dye will never fade onto your clothes.  Sixth,  for the purpose it is being used,  I offer you a product that competes well with leather, and in some respects even better, for a much lower price.


Besides, no one will ever know they are not leather unless you tell them. These Leg Leathers are heavy duty, but not stiff, highly durable, yet have a soft felt-like lining to insure maximum comfort. They are put together with strong nylon stitching thread and a large, tough and smooth operating zipper in the back. I chose this black nylon-plastic zipper over the gaudy brass zipper because it is almost invisible and looks much better. For what it's worth, the zipper I use cost 50% more than the brass zippers. Just a quick smooth zip and you're out of here.

Protection is the primary purpose of this product. They help protect you from rocks, bugs, cold wind, and water. The most enjoyable features, for me, is that my pant legs no longer flap in the wind and don't blow up around my knees and when it rains my pants no longer get soaked from the knees down and fill my boots with water. Those things alone are reason enough to own a pair of these great Leg Leathers.

Like most material, extreme heat from tailpipes can cause surface marking of the product. Elongated contact with hot tailpipes can result in some melting of the material. Caution against hot tailpipes is advised as this product is not designed for contact protection against extreme tailpipe heat.

In my effort to keep life simple, I only offer the Leg Leathers in a black color. The three styles offered are currently First, "The Texan"  which is the Basic style with no Conchoas. Second, "The Bandit" the Fancy style with a single concha on each leg ) and thirdly, "The Gringo" my X-Fancy style that has a snake (backing design) with 3 conchas on each leg.

The sizes are Small, Medium, Large, and X-large. Check the "Size" link for how to measure your leg and convert the measurement to the size Leg Leathers you need. For the larger legs I offer extenders that expand the diameter of the Leg Leathers to your size.

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