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 Which Bag to Choose?

There are several factors that influence your decision on which size of bag you might want for your bike.  The biggest factor is the amount of space you have between your sissybar and the beginning of the slope where the rider sits. Around 12.5 to 13.5 "  is the best distance for the larger 12" bag.  Around 10.5 to 11.5 works usually works best with the small bag the best. All of the Harleys  routinely take the larger 12" bag except the Sportster, Dyna Low Rider and the Duce which work best with the smaller 10" bag for most riders.  Other factors are how big and how tall are you ?  Do you have pull-back extenders on your handlebars?   Do you like to sit fairly straight upward or do  you like to lean back a little or a lot ( really get comfortable).  I like to lean way back so I used a large bag with handlebar extenders.  Those items along with moustache foot pegs and I can really get laid back and comfortable.  I used that setup with my Harley DWG and currently with my new Harley Heritage.  

Exceptions:  Shorter people that have to sit kind of forward in order to firmly plant their feet on the foot pegs would probably like the larger bag even with the Sportster, Honda Shadow or Yamaha Virago which typically use the smaller bag.  Too, there are people who just like to ride in a more upright position. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that.  Everyone has their own style and there is no right or wrong about anyway you want to ride.

So some chose their bag by using the measurement method, but do take your style of riding into account.  I have some customers that buy both bags so they can change up their riding styles from time to time

Should you receive your bag and decide that you would like the other size better then just contact me via phone or email and I will give you a RMA number.  Just ship that bag back to me at your expense and I will ship the other size bag to you at my expense.  Now for those who can't make up their mind and want to trade back again, you will have to pay the freight both ways on the second trade. 

                                                   Either Size .... same price

(USA Only)

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2" less diameter = to approx.  30% less storage capacity

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