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Lazy Rider Guarantee and Warranty

Lazy Rider Guarantee / Warranty We strive for 100% Satisfaction! Lazy Rider says, "Nobody will get stuck with our product if it isn't right for them."

When you purchase your Lazy Rider Cycle Bag directly from Lazy Rider, there is a 30 day evaluation period included with you purchase. If you are not satisfied with the Lazy Rider Cycle Bag for any reason, simply follow the conditions below for a refund.


Important Notice:

The above policies apply only to those bags which are purchased directly from Lazy Rider, not from any other party or dealer. Each dealer makes his own return and refund policies. If you buy your bag from an authorized dealer, check with them about their return or refund policy. Your refund will be returned to you in the form of a company check. We do not issue credit to your credit or debit card.

Product Warranty

Lazy Rider's products carry a full one year warranty for defects due to bad workmanship. Abused products will not be covered by this warranty. Customer may be required to show proof of purchase. It shall be the option of Lazy Rider to repair, replace, or credit any approved warranted product.

No reimbursement claims for labor, future processing costs, handling, administrative costs or service failures will be allowed.

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