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Earn Some Extra Cash

money.gifOk, so now you have bought your Lazy Rider bag and your ready to travel. You may or may not be aware that there are over 100,000 motorcycle dealers in this country.

Every where you go there will be dealers. Hey, just stop by and show the Dealer or Parts Manager my bag and tell them why you like it. Simple!!!! Like everything else...you win some and lose some. If the dealer decides to order bags from me I will send you a dealer's finder fee check in the amount of $50.00. Not bad for 15 to 20 minutes work.

Do two things for me. First, ask the dealer to mention your name if they should place an order with me or even request information (they might order later). Second, you should email me your name, address plus the dealer's info along with the date you talked with the dealer. I will keep that info on file so I know who talked with the dealer first just in case there are two of more people that approach the same dealer. I don't know of a better way to keep the records straight on who gets the $50.00 referral fee check. (If you have a better idea on how to keep the referral records straight then let me know.)

Thanks for helping me and I hope you make a little traveling money.

Take care and ride safe, 
Don "Lazy Rider" Hood

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