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Designer's Story

Hello Bikers! Thanks for checking out my Lazy Rider Cycle Bag. I know you will enjoy the bag as much as I have.

Having owned a touring bike for a couple of years, I came to enjoy certain comforts while riding. However, the call of the wild enticed me to buy a Dyna Wide Glide. While I certainly enjoy the "zip" and "pizzazz" of my cruiser bike, I quickly began to miss the storage space capacity plus the "ole" backrest that was part of my touring bike. My aging, aching back really began to give me misery on rides of more than a hundred miles. I checked out all the options and found such things as a sleeping bag or a "stuffed" designer bag for a backrest were unsatisfactory.

don-liz-hood.jpgMy only solution was to buy a custom seat with a backrest for around six hundred dollars. That would take care of the backrest, but what about additional storage, which is minimal on a cruiser bike? A long and painful trip to Sturgis really induced me to get on the ball and develop a better system. I worked diligently for over a year on this project. After many trials and errors, I reached my goal by coming up with a rigid, non-sagging, and comfortable backrest with some storage capacity, while maintaining a "sleek and cool" profile. The final results are what you now see. I have had numerous comments from riders stating they "Thought the bag was factory equipment because it looked so natural on the bike."

Well, I can now go to the store for "Mama" on my cruiser bike. Items such as bread, potato chips, eggs, and cookies fit nicely in my bag and I don't have to worry about squashing them like I did when using saddle bags. I have ample storage space for my jacket, hat, and gloves while cruising around town. With a little care, I can pack an extra pair of jeans, a couple of T-shirts, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of socks and still have room for my shaving kit. That's all I need for a 3-day weekend trip. . . great! Due to the complete upper and lower back supporting system of the Lazy Rider Cycle Bag, the back pains caused by stress and strain are now gone. Finally I can now truly enjoy those longer trips.

I actually made the Lazy Rider Cycle Bag for myself and had no intention of marketing it. However, everywhere I went, I would get requests from other bikers for a duplicate of my bag. I soon found myself consumed in making bags. Each bag has sixty-three parts, and it takes about seven hours for me to build one from scratch, which left me with little or no time for riding. So I began searching for a manufacturer for my bag. I found one at Rehab Plus, located right here in Lubbock, Texas. They do a great job and only produce the highest quality products.

Enjoy your bag and ride safely,
Don "Lazy Rider" Hood

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