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taxdeduction2.gifProspective dealers must have a motorcycle related business: a franchised motorcycle dealer, an independent, used motorcycle dealer, a parts and accessory shop, or a combination of the above.

In my experience, using individuals as dealers doesn't work well. I also do not approve of dealers who want to compete with us on the internet, or sell my product on eBay, or at discounted prices, as I have no intention of getting into a price war with myself.

My goal for dealerships has recently changed. I am planning on a national dealer network. My goal is to put at least one dealer in each of the major cities in the USA. This will take some time, but heck, I haven't got much else to do. If we receive a phone order for a Lazy Rider Cycle Bag from a city where we have a dealer, we will inform the customer that there is a local dealer who carries our product. We encourage customers to support their local economy and buy the bag locally.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer for the Lazy Rider Cycle Bag you need to complete three forms. Just contact us and we will fax them to you, or you may simply print the forms directly from this site, fill them out, and fax them to me. I will contact you as soon as you have been approved, usually within a couple of days.

Suggested Retail Price: $185.00

By Snail-mail: 
3707 66th Street 
Lubbock, Texas 79413

Business Phone: 800-687-7806 
Fax: 806-785-1704
Local Phone: 806-785-1705

You may click on, retrieve, and print off the following forms. Complete these forms and fax them to the above listed fax number.

  1. Dealer Application

  2. Business Information

  3. Tax Exemption or Resale Certificate

One of the above forms is required by Texas State law, and the other forms are for the protection of bona fide dealers.

A price schedule will be faxed to you after you are approved. We can verbally give you the prices over the phone.

Dealer Requirements:

Order requirements, including minimum quantities, are included in the dealer packet. The first order has a 3-bag minimum, and payment for the first order must be by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Future payment arrangements may be negotiated.

Dealer Guarantee:

If the Dealer does not sell any or all bags within thirty days, the Dealer, at his option, may return any or all bags to Lazy Rider and will be entitled to a full refund of his original purchase price, less shipping costs and a 5% restocking fee. All the Dealer needs to do is contact Lazy Rider and get a bag return number, then box up the bag(s) and ship them back to Lazy Rider at 3707 66th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79413. Lazy Rider will issue a refund check to the Dealer within seven days after receiving the returned bags.

Gentleman's Agreement:

A proven sales technique is to put a Lazy Rider Cycle Bag on one of your display bikes. Customers can immediately identify the bag as a backrest that apparently has some storage capacity. It is also a proven fact that bags sitting on a shelf or hanging on a wall simply do not sell, and the average customer will have no idea what the bag is all about in that kind of display. When a dealer will demo the bag on a display bike, we can both reap the rewards.

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